Your support

can create
lasting change


NSU is about connections. But it’s about so much more. Students and mentors work together to set goals, stay on track and develop critical skills that serve them long beyond their high school years. Time management, planning and organization, self-advocacy, self-care, mental health awareness, as well as adopting an “I can do this” and “I deserve this” mindset, contribute to higher graduation rates and future achievement. 


The success of our program relies on the support of our community. When you follow, like and share our social media posts, you help us build awareness and increase the chances our students have for realizing lasting change. 


Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and are a tremendous resource for Needham Steps Up growth and achievement. Our wonderful volunteers have helped us run our program, raise funds and serve our vulnerable students. Did you know that you can volunteer your services or your time on a schedule that works for you? If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with Needham Steps Up, please contact.....



Since 2006, Needham Steps Up has provided underserved Needham High School students with experienced mentors, along with an array of vital resources and enrichment opportunities, that they would not otherwise receive or experience.  Now more than ever, ­­­they need our help.

What your donation means

Your donation to Needham Steps Up ensures the mentoring program will continue to help Needham students from income eligible-families succeed.


  • $500 pays for a valued summer enrichment program most
    Needham students take for granted


  • $1,200 sponsors one student for one year


  • $4,200 sponsors one student for 3.5 years



Donations in any amount are appreciated!

How can I donate?

We prefer payment by check to save on administrative costs. For your convenience, we also offer the option to donate online with a credit card.


where does my donation go?

Your donation goes toward paying mentor stipends, summer enrichment programs for mentees, and program costs such as mentor training and a kick-off event.

How can I become a sponsor?

Corporate sponsorships are available at all giving levels ($4,200, $1,200 and $500).  As a corporate sponsor, your name is prominently displayed at our annual fall fundraiser. Tickets to the event, advertising in the event program book, and a listing on the Needham Steps Up website are all included in the corporate package. 


For additional information, view the sponsorship information or email us at needhamstepsup@gmail.com