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NSU Sub Committee Roles & Responsibilities



  • Organize and run fundraising events

  • Annual fund/campaign

  • Engage and manage relationships with corporate and individual sponsors

  • Manage donor database


  • Oversees the organization’s brand and message

  • Develops strategies that encourage consumer awareness, involvement and investment in the organization's mission

  • Responsible for the content of the website and all communication vehicles and messages designed to engage current and prospective donors, partners, sponsors and program participants (volunteers, mentors and mentees)

  • Handles ALL publicity for the organization designed to promote awareness, fundraising events and community/donor engagement (including: press releases, social media, signage, etc.)


  • Work with the Program Director to determine programming goals and specific learnings/events for mentees  

  • Establish and maintain calendar, together with program director

  • Support Program Director with other needs, as appropriate

  • Establish and maintain enrichment and available resource database for mentees


  • Define and determine metrics to effectively evaluate program effectiveness and student success

  • Collect and analyze relevant data

  • Stay on top of related research and share with Board Members and Program Director at regular intervals

  • Develop, administer and analyze annual mentor and mentee surveys

  • Report results to Board at least annually


  • Inform and educate the NSU community about the role of equity in our program and interactions, through understanding and relating equity efforts in education in MA, in the Needham schools, and Portrait of a Needham graduate  

  • Connect with equity efforts within the school

  • Develop advocacy role within NSU and the community

  • Bring relevant educational opportunities to the board, mentors and volunteers


  • Develop messages for communication with organizations with similar missions and related services

  • Build and maintain relationships with key organizations including the Needham Community Council, Needham Youth Services., Parent Talk, Elementary, Middle and High schools and PTCs, NWC, Rotary Club, NEF


  • Establish a pool of community members interested in and qualified to become mentors to NSU students from the beginning of senior year through 2 years post-graduation

  • Train and pair mentors, and monitor and evaluate these relationships

  • Coordinate with Programming Committee and Program Director to determine needs for mentees and post gradua



  (NHS employee who advocates for NSU program, mentors and mentees within the NHS school community)

  • Meet with NHS principal to discuss NSU

  • Represent NHS voice/viewpoint on the board and in meetings

  • Educate NHS staff about NSU

  • Help identify and recruit program mentors

  • Attend meetings with Aaron Sicotte and NSU Co-Chairs


  (Current or former mentor who advises/counsels NSU mentors in coordination with the Program Director)

  • Holds periodic mentor meetings/breakfasts

  • Works with Program Director to onboard/train new mentors 

  • Helps to transition mentors taking on a mentee mid-cycle

  • Attends board meetings


Development, maintenance, and technical ownership of the NSU website and other software, such as relating to accounting, fundraising, and marketing, used by the NSU Board in conducting NSU business.

  • Implementation and technical ownership of databases and other repositories for NSU documents and other data

  • Implementation and technical ownership of databases and other repositories for NSU documents and other data

  • Ensure the security of technical systems used within NSU, and implement policies and procedures about the secure use of technology systems for NSU business

  • Train NSU Board members and other constituents, as needed, on the use of technology for NSU and on the associated policies and procedures, including those related to security 

  • Take part in any conversations involving technology and information security and serve as the authority on those subjects 

  • Participate in organizational goal-setting and strategic planning to ensure that technology and security matters are considered in making decisions at the very highest level of the organization

  • Provide input in recruiting future board members for the Committee, as needed, to ensure that the Technology Committee is adequately resources at all times


  • Identify open board positions, necessary skill sets and candidates to fill key roles

  • Onboards/orients new board members

  • Develops ongoing educational opportunities for the entire board

Program Curriculum
Program Evaluaton
Community Partnerships
Mentor Advisor
NHS Liaison
Volunteer Engagement
Information Technology
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