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NSU Officer Positions


The board president/chair(s) may be a single or shared position that oversees the work of the board and the organization's professional staff. The chair(s) works closely with the Program Director and board members/committee chairs to make sure the strategic plan and specific board goals/resolutions are carried out. This is a staggered 2 year position. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Appoint committee chairs and recommend committee members

  • Schedule meetings; prepare agendas for and lead board meetings

  • Conduct new board member orientation

  • Coordinate Program Director's annual performance evaluation

  • Work with the governance or nominating committee to recruit new board members

  • Serve as spokesperson for the organization

  • Help board members assess their performance

  • Oversee periodic review of current strategic plan and drive strategic planning every five years or as needed

  • Ensure ongoing relationships with NPS staff and community groups



The treasurer maintains and reports on the organization's budget, income statement and balance sheet and overall financial condition. He or she should understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations and work with the co-chairs to insure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. The treasurer works with the NPS finance department to appropriately transfer funds.  The treasurer also oversees preparation and filing of the organization’s taxes annually and answers board member related questions. Works with the Secretary to insure appropriate filings with the Secretary of the Commonwealth and IRS (or Treasurer).

Clerk (Secretary)

  • Secure meeting space for all meetings

  • Responsible for taking minutes of each board meeting, circulating a draft for review, and posting final minutes to a designated shared drive, catalogued chronologically by year

  • Maintains shared drive with meeting minutes and all important records

  • Manage post office correspondence

  • Receive and deposit all checks

  • Works with Treasurer to insure appropriate filings with the Secretary of the Commonwealth and IRS (or Treasurer)

  • This is a 1-2 year position

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