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NSU Staff Positions

Program Director

The Program Director’s duties include but are not limited to:


Collaboration, Recruitment and Matching  

  • Work with Pollard Guidance and Assistant Principals to sustain awareness of the program and identify potential students 

  • Regularly meet with NHS liaison about program and students 

  • Work with NHS admin to be sure students are aware of and receiving necessary scholarships for HS programs (sports, clubs, prom, cap & gown, etc) 

  • Check in with HS administration/teachers and Assistant Program Director about student behavior/attendance 

  • Work with Assistant Director to assign mentee-mentor matches 

  • Prepare and send letters of acknowledgment 

  • Communicate with Assistant Director on mentor recruitment


Training and Supervision

  • With support of Assistant Director meet with prospective mentees, mentors to explain goals of program  

  • Arrange Mentor Training 

  • Solicit mentor feedback on training

  • Manage Google Classroom & Remind app with up-to-date information on events, logs, enrichment etc. 

  • Check-in with mentors and mentees at least monthly around the progress of the relationship

  • Coach mentors when difficult or challenging situations arise with their mentees or the mentee/mentor relationship.


Cohort Activities

  • Reach out to outside agencies and organizations for planning cohort activities 

  • Plan and implement monthly cohort events for the mentors/mentees 

  • Lead monthly meetings with mentors/mentees 

  • Develop Check-Ins/ Exit Tickets for mentees/mentors 

  • Track attendance and reach out to mentors and mentees that were not in attendance 

Parent Communication

  • Update parents/guardians via phone, email, or in person 


  • Attend Needham Steps Up Board meetings 

  • Provide regular updates to Needham Steps Up Board 

  • Prepare and submit a draft budget to Needham Steps Up Board by early winter Submit a final budget to Needham Steps Up Board by the spring 

  • Review Enrichment Grant requests and send approvals to the board or to treasurer for payment 

  • Address financial needs of mentees 


Planning and Assessment​

  • Evaluate success and impact of the program

  • Work with Needham Steps Up Board to collect and use data from assessment tools for future planning 

  • Work with Needham Steps Up Board on special projects and long-term planning and expansion of the program 


Community Involvement

  • Collaborate with Community Volunteer Liaison in training and supporting volunteers

  • Collaborate with Community Volunteer Liaison to determine appropriate placement of volunteers 

  • Connect with volunteers to help them understand the profile and needs of individual mentees 

  • Research enrichment opportunities for mentees and share information with mentees/mentors and community volunteers.


Maintaining Data

  • Reach out to recent graduates and past mentors for updates on hw graduates are doing

  • Stay connected with Community Volunteer Mentors and Liaison to track progress

  • Maintain contact information and updates on Needham Steps Up alumni for at least one year

  • Track enrichment grants used, per student


Assistant Director

The Assistant Director’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Collaboration, Recruitment and Matching  

  • Identify and contact prospective mentees and mentors 

  • Work with Program Director to identify prospective students

  • Once students are identified, check in with guidance/admin/teachers to determine current needs

  • Prepare and distribute application materials to prospective mentees 

  • Recommend  prospective mentors to Program Director and High School Administration  

  • Recruit prospective mentors in collaboration with high school administration

  • Distribute application materials to prospective mentors

  • Collect mentee and mentor application materials 

  • Assign mentee-mentor matches with Program Director support

  • Recruit new mentees based on space availability


Training and Supervision​

  • Meet with prospective mentees and mentors to explain goals and expectations of the program

  • Check in with mentees who are not accessing the program and/or are facing challenges in meeting with mentors


Cohort Activities​

  • Send announcements/reminders in NHS bulletin for events

  • Reach out to mentors and mentees in the building to remind them of the events/meetings

  • Assist in planning events 

  • Assist (lead in the absence of the Director) in running cohort events for the mentors/mentees

    Attend monthly meetings with mentors and mentees

    Educate and encourage utilization of Enrichment Grants



  • Provide stipend forms to mentors (Dec/May)

  • Collect and submit forms with Principal signature for mentor stipends

  • Keep track of high school events/calendar and make Program Director aware of any high school programming that may require scholarships

Community Involvement

  • Research enrichment opportunities for mentees and share this information with mentees/mentors & community volunteers

  • Attend NSU Community Events

Assistant Director
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