the difference a caring
mentor can make


Imagine the difference a caring mentor can make in the life of a teen. Particularly for those with private struggles, a trusted mentoring relationship can be the difference between getting lost and finding themselves. Powerful, positive mentor connections lead to HIGHER SELF ESTEEM, SELF-CONFIDENCE, STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS with peers, teachers, and family members, drastically improving academic outlook and achievement. 

That’s where Needham Steps Up.

We value the importance of mentorship and deliver on its promise to help establish equity in education in Needham High School.


Needham Steps Up is a 1:1 mentoring program for deserving Needham High School Students. We provide caring faculty as mentors and connect them with eligible students. Through this four-year relationship, students build connections, community, and skills that last a lifetime.

Needham Steps Up is entirely funded through generous donations from businesses and members of our community. In addition to mentoring, NSU provides equity and enrichment grants,
social and emotional learning (SEL) skill development, college application assistance, post- graduation planning, and more. 


Navigating high school is hard enough. But in a community with a great disparity between those with means and those without, our most vulnerable students are at risk of falling through the cracks. These inequities can prevent students from developing the skills and relationships they need to successfully navigate high school, graduate, and go on to college or find other post-secondary success. A trusted mentor can be the very difference they need, and that’s where we come in.



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I enjoy being part of the NSU program, and feel it allows adults in our building an opportunity to support students in a unique way. 

- Mentor